Rewards & Recognition

At Freedom & Faith Agency, we believe that your success is our success. This is why we recognize every little milestone reached in your insurance career and celebrate new breakthroughs with you.

We reward our agents for their dedication and hard work with lucrative compensation plans and exclusive incentives and trips.

Savannah Hussey

Agent of the Year Award!

Grit, Determination, & Consistency. As the first ever Agent of the Year for FFA, this agent placed their name in the history books as they fought month in and month out to lead the agency in production. As a wife & mother, this agent sacrificed time, money & comfort as she would travel hours away week in and week out to impact new communities & to build a legacy. The Agent of the Year Award goes to someone who found a way to win no matter the circumstance & who set the example for other agents to follow. As a leading agency builder, she proved she has what it takes to not only dominate individual production but to also inspire and teach other agents how to win as well. We are extremely grateful and honored to be able to present this award to someone so deserving.

Congratulations Savannah Hussey!!!

Brittany Straughn

The Spartan Award

This award goes to an agent who displays a mentality to win no matter the cost. An agent who was willing to sacrifice time, money, & sleep to reach the next level . The winner of this award embodies what it means to have a fighting spirit, someone who sets a target and hits it. The Spartan is often viewed as an underdog...but by blood, sweat, and tears fights their way to victory. This agent continues to impress the crowd day in and day out all while building a true legacy.

Congratulations Brittany Straughn!!

Melinda Johnson

Bright Beginner Award

This agent exemplifies hard work, dedication, and a will to win! Having started in insurance only a few months ago, they quickly set themselves apart from the pack by staying consistent, never complaining, and always having a positive outlook. The award goes to an agent that we are extremely proud of and are honored to have apart of the FFA family. This agent has tremendous accomplishments ahead of them, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Congratulations Melinda Johnson!

Steven Rudder

Freedom & Faith Agency Award

We hold this award close to our heart as it goes to an agent who exemplifies what FFA stands for and who exhibits our core values day in and day out. The award goes to an agent who always puts other people first, and who can be counted on no matter the circumstance. The winner of this award is a servant driven leader who is bound to have a tremendous impact on the lives of many.

Congratulations Steven Rudder!!!

Kaleigh Zarrello

Lioness Award

This award goes to an agent who is bold, fearless, & courageous. Someone who if we had to go to war tomorrow, we know would show up ready to fight!! This agent consistently proves herself by being a top agent and by impacting others. She is a leader, protector, & a perfect representation of what Freedom & Faith Agency stands for.

Congratulations Kaleigh Zarrello!

Taylor Harts Maness

MVP Award

This award goes to an agent who has created a shockwave of success for not only herself, but for the entire agency. This agent always puts others first, and embodies what it means to be a true leader. As one of the top agency builders at FFA, she has continued to set the pace for other agents to follow and has been an inspiration to many as to what’s possible. This award is dedicated to an agent who can be counted on no matter how difficult the task, and who goes above and beyond in everything they do. We are extremely grateful and honored to have someone of this caliber representing the company as the very first, FFA MVP!

Congratulations Taylor Harts Maness!

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